Kelvin Ellis: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

There I was sitting in WordPress training with absolutely no idea on what it was, that I was supposed to do. Considering my prior experience in Accounting, SEO was completely over my head. I quickly learned that taxes aren’t as hard as Search Engine Optimization. Hearing terms such as HTML, CRO, CSS, etc; I was surprised I did not run out of the building.

Then I was told to create a WEBSITE??? With fear of breaking the internet by pushing buttons that I was not familiar with. I decided that if I did break the internet, at least that’d mean I would no longer have to endure the mental pain of uncertainty. Therefore, I proceeded to just throw some bs onto a page to see if I could at least pretend I know what I’m doing. 

That’s what life is about people; faking it until you make it. What is just sitting around looking at the wall going to do for you? That’s right, nothing. So just jot something down and see where you get. The worst thing that could happen is, well everything. However, that is okay because at least you tried and did not waste time looking at a wall getting nowhere.  When life gives you lemons, it’s okay if you let them rot. You wake up the next day and throw them away so your fridge no longer stinks.

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