Deeter Digs Sloths


What is a sloth?

A sloth is a freaking adorable, long-armed, fuzzy, sluggish creature that just does not care much for physical activity.

How many types of sloths are there?

There are two types of sloths: two-toed and three-toed

How many species of sloths are there?

There are six types of sloths, though they are all adorable….I have ranked them from cutest to least-cutest (ugliest):

First Place: Pygmy Sloth (3 toes): there is no doubt that this is the cutest sloth. I mean, look at it.

Pygmy Sloth... the cutest sloth.
This sloth has three toes! Wow.

Second Place: Hoffman’s Two-Toed Sloth: Cute face…not as cute as the Pygmy though.

An adorable Hoffman sloths sleeps the day away
I want to be this sloth right now.

Tied for Third: Brown-Throated Sloth AND Pale-Throated Sloth (3 toesies): Because who are we to judge a sloth based on their throat color?

A Pale-Throated Sloth looking chilling in the trees
The Pale-Throated Sloth. It has three toes.
Cute Brown Slothy Sloth
A wild Brown-Throated Sloth. Woah.

And Last Place: Linnaeus’s Two-Toed Sloth and Maned Sloth: Because I can’t decide which one is uglier…they both receive last place.

An ugly sloth...cute, but ugly.
Look at the mane on this homie.
Linnaeus's Sloth
Looks like a typical sloth… only a little uglier.


Sloth Likes:

  • Swimming
  • Chilling in Trees
  • Judging people from up above
  • Flowers
A cute sloth with a cute pink flower
What the hecky….how can you deny the cuteness of these animals?

Sloth Dislikes:

  • Moving
  • Getting hit by cars while trying to cross the street
  • Pooping (According to, Sloths poop once a week. Hence, we come to the conclusion that sloths hate pooping)
A screaming sloth
A Sloth’s face right before it gets hit by a car.

In Conclusion:

Sloths are straight chillers. Some are so ugly that they are cute. They are lazy and do not give a dang. We should all have a little sloth in us. What’s your favorite sloth?

A Sloth with its Sloth baby
Look at the inspiring bond between a mother and it’s child. Wow.

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