Hector’s Take on the PS5

Does play truly have no limits? When it comes to the Playstation 5, one could say it does. If you know someone lucky enough to get their hands on one of these rare systems, you could take their word for it.

Sony Playstation 5
PS5 Console

Everything on the system has been upgraded, from the dual sense controller to the UI in the main menu. Once you actually play a next gen game, you will find it hard to go back to the PS4. The controller itself is the big selling point, as you can feel every precise in game movement. For gamers with bigger hands, this is a big deal since you won’t have to cram your fingers anymore – which over an extended gaming session – can make a major difference.

Dualsense, Dualshock
Dualsense vs Dualshock

Another key selling point is the load times. For longer loading games like Grand Theft Auto or The Elder Scrolls, gamers would often see themselves waiting on a load screen for minutes at a time. The PS5 cuts this time down dramatically, increasing gaming time while decreasing load times.

Now add the faster refresh rates and ability to play games close to 4K, and you are looking at a powerhouse, provided you can get your hands on one. I would say it is worth the upgrade!

PS5 to PS4 Size Comparison
Comparing the consoles