Sparta the Cat

Sparta the Cat 

Sparta is Anastasia’s half-Persian cat. Sparta believes that she is a queen, that Anastasia is her servant, and that her kingdom of rule is their shared apartment. Queen Sparta is extremely high maintenance! However, Anastasia loves her dearly and is happy to have Sparta as her white fluffy cat.

Reasons Sparta is high maintenance:

1. Sparta prefers a branded, pre-portioned wet cat food for her regular meals. Dry food is unacceptable as a meal for Sparta and her expensive taste. Once, Anastasia forgot to buy Sparta’s wet food and resorted to serving fresh salmon on a platter for Sparta so that she would eat.

Dry Cat Food (Food that Sparta the Cat will not eat).
Dry Cat Food (Food that Sparta the Cat will not eat willingly).
Fresh Salmon (Food that Sparta the Cat will eat).
Fresh Salmon (Food that Sparta the Cat will eat enthusiastically).

2. Sparta demands consistent and undivided attention. This cat enjoys swiping her tail on Anastasia’s face to distract her from less important activities. If Anastasia is working at her laptop, Sparta believes that she, as a cat, is more important. Sparta conveniently places her body between Anastasia and the computer to receive acknowledgement.

3. Sparta is covered in beautiful, fluffy, white fur. If she is not brushed regularly, her fur will stick to every couch, carpet, and clothing article. Anastasia happens to own a lot of black clothes that clearly show her alliance with Sparta when she leaves the apartment.

4. Sparta has an Instagram account that is updated frequently with her diet and apartment drama. Photographing Sparta at her best angles takes time!

Despite being extremely high maintenance, Sparta is so loved and is a wonderful cat! She is super cute, extremely friendly, and very energetic. She enjoys running around the apartment, protecting her kingdom, and staring out the window at birds. Sparta traveled across the country with Anastasia and was an excellent road trip buddy! Her royal presence in the apartment keeps Anastasia company. When Anastasia returns home, Sparta always greets her with a loud “Meow!” Anastasia and Sparta are always there for each other!

Below is a photo of Sparta and Anastasia. The photo crops Anastasia out so that Sparta can have the full attention of viewers.

Sparta the White Fluffy Cat and Anastasia
Sparta the White Fluffy Cat and Anastasia

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