The Not-So-Secret Truth

The Spooky Season Approaches
Wandering through the dark woods alone at night will prove to be a fright.
A staple in the United States- a day unlike any other with a longstanding history that has existed in many cultures tracing back as far as 2,000 years ago – today, we know this day as Halloween (

Originating as a Celtic holiday, known as Samhain, which marked the beginning of their year, October 31st has since spread its mark to the United States. While the meaning of this celebration has vastly changed over the centuries, one fact reigns true: Halloween is the best holiday.

Many may try and fool you, such as Thanksgiving advocates and Saint Patrick’s Day fanatics, but their passion falls short. How can any other holiday ever feasibly compete with that of the pure imaginative artistry of that which is Halloween? They can’t.


October 31st Decorations
Get creative and personalize your home with your own style of scare.

From decorating your home in creative and festive decorations to masterfully constructing down-to-every-last-detail that which will become your persona of the night, this holiday offers so much more than gluttonous consumptions and overheated kitchens. Halloween offers freedom.

Participation in these festivities stage as a platform for personal expression and an escape from reality. It allows you to take a step back into the childhood wonder- and fears of haunted woods – when your imagination was free to explore before the truths of the “real world” clouded your fantasy-creating mind.


While many holidays offer fun and unique practices that are enjoyable, none offer the purity that is Halloween. This is the “Not-So-Secret Truth”.

Trick or treat!

The Secret is Out
The joy of Halloween is no secret.

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