Tony’s Test Page

Tony’s Test Page

Antony A.
Antony at the Manitou River.







Tony A. is a new hire at SocialSEO within the SEO department!

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Tony recently graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Media Communications class of 2021. In addition to higher education, he has broad experience in sales, communication, and fantastic customer service. Personally, Tony enjoys making music, spending time with family, and watching basketball — specifically the Denver Nuggets! If you want to talk about the NBA or 90’s hip-hop, look no further.

Down the road in the future, Tony hopes to use his digital marketing expertise to potentially own his own company and to further his music career.  He started writing songs and poetry at 14 years old and used his exceptional music taste to craft his own instrumentals/beats at 15. Currently he makes new songs in his free time, but would love to eventually be a full-time musician.

Besides being in the studio, Tony also enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, who mostly happen to be local to the Springs also. Fun fact: Tony was an only child until the age of 15! He has both a younger brother and sister that will be going into 3rd-grade and 2nd-grade respectfully in the Fall of 2021.

One of his favorite activities to enjoy with family and friends is watching basketball, especially when the Denver Nuggets play. The Nuggets are Tony’s favorite sports team of all, and he and his father have gone to numerous games over the years. After having a great couple of seasons recently, he hopes that the team can win their first-ever NBA Championship in the next couple of years!

Tony looks forward to learning as much as possible about all things SEO and even other aspects of digital marketing. Thanks for visiting!

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