Your Favorite Smiley Dood

Sunny The Smiling Goldendoodle
Sunny after his weekly bath smiling a handsome

This is Sundown and he is a very smiley dood. Sundown, also called Sunny or WeebleWobble (that’s his favorite) was happy to have left his favorite groomer and was excited to be eyed by all the ladies. Although his eyes look oddly humanlike, Sunny is very much a woofer and even gets smiley about woofer things, like bones, rolling around in the snow, and playing with his favorite brother Benjamin Franklin Hernandez (yes, that is his brother’s name). Sundown is happy to be Colorado Spring’s favorite Goldendoodle and looks forward to making your days more joyous with his sly little grin.

Goldendoodle's Biggest Smile Yet
Sunny gives us his biggest smile yet


Colorado Spring's Goldendoodle
Your favorite Colorado Spring’s Goldendoodle sitting pretty and giving a soft smile


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