Amazon Alexa


My name is Alexa and I am a victim of Amazon name theft.Amazon Alexa Consumes Human's Face on Road in Moab

It appears I am not the only victim to Amazon, even Alexa the domain surrendered to the cruel reign of becoming Amazon property. Well that’s sad. Ironically, that website used to be used for keyword research and digital marketing metrics. This has been a real life aha moment where I realized I have truly come full circle and am now working at this company by fate.





Welcome to my life. I’m so sorry.







As you can see, I have a great companion (and I’m not talking about my boyfriend because this isn’t about him). This is Indigo, Indi for short. She is a rescue and your guess as to what her breed is is as good as mine. Clearly she’s a poodle.


Unknown Dog Species Wearing Sunglasses Next to Human


And my late childhood bestie, Cruz, aka “lil pup”








My grandma is a meme. She likes moscato and locked us outside when we were growing up because “kids belong outside”








If you’ve met me I’m so sorry. If you didn’t know there were three more of me, I have bad news. (These are my siblings not my friends)








I like to travel as you can clearly see just how much I am enjoying myself.








As a filler can we please talk about the time Oprah Winfrey rolled out a full wagon of fat on live TV.  Oprah. A wagon of fat. Live TV. An Icon.

Human (Oprah) Pulls Wagon of Fat on Live TV






I really don’t have much else to say. Enjoy the lyrics of the best song you will ever listen to.

Never mind, a quick google search has informed me that the lyrics are actually not available in text form online so you will have to just listen to the song yourself. It is called “A Little Black Kitten/The Motherly Dark of the Night/Such an Inquisitive Kitty/Snoopy’s Music Box’ and the name continues for like five more titles (it is a very long song). Seriously, it is longer than that but as I am rapidly approaching my text limit, let’s leave it at that. She wrote an album about her cat named Snoopy. How devoted she must have been. I don’t much like cats but let’s not ignore this wonderful piece of artistry. Take a listen for 20 minutes and 15 seconds of an absolute banger and then we’ll talk.