Caiden’s Hot Takes

Caiden’s Hot Takes 

Halloween is one of the most overrated holidays in the existence of holidays.

Punkins’ wit hat

Halloween is widely beloved by kids and adults all over the world. It is a day where you get to dress up and receive free candy by just asking strangers. Doesn’t that seem like a weird concept fellow reader? The whole dressing up portion isn’t that much better. Sure it is funny to see that your coworker dressed up as Pitbull, but then the person dressed up is stuck as Mr. Worldwide for another seven and a half hours. Now it has even become a trend to dress up your dogs for this two month, one day event. Everything about it gets very old, very quickly. Now people are even creating whole new attractions for “scary” things like haunted houses or spooky mines. Why would anybody willingly pay to go get jump scared for an hour.

Super Scary Mine
Big Scary going on here


The worst part of Halloween is that it seems that everyone on the planet thinks that September 1 is when Spooky Season starts. I don’t want to see jack-o-lanterns (don’t even get me started on those bad boys) in Walmart, two months before the actual holiday. Every show on tv has to have a Halloween special, and every movie that comes out has to be some type of thriller or horror movie. The whole holiday would be tolerable if it was only one day of the year, but the sheep of the world just had to make it two months long where the rest of us ( probably only me) have to suffer. My recommendation would be to just go from Fourth of July, straight to Thanksgiving. If after all of this, you still like Halloween , then you are too far gone. Do not speak to me again.

Dear Halloween,

I do not like you.

-Sadly only me

Spooky Season
Spooky Man