The “Real Life” Avengers…

The Truth Behind The Comics

A Ballerina gone Rogue…

Do you believe in the notion that super-powers are and can be a realilty? Well, look no further, because “The Soops of SocialSEO” are here to educate and assist in discovering your true “SUPERPOWER”!!






Do you believe in Magic? Well Stop.

Science proves that super-powers are real. Just look at examples like this:

Going Super-Saiyan IRL














Don’t Have A Super-Power? Tough.

If you discover that you don’t have a super-power after our training, that sucks. Now, it’s time for you to start learning acceptance. Acceptance in the fact that you just cant be super, like these super people photographed:

Star-Lord, Man!
Don’t Call Us Plucky.
Ryan of Asgaard: Conquerer of Jack Daniels
The true worthy one of Mjolnir…

I can’t believe how cool these two look in their bark-staches!

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